20 hours into The Beast 2017…into the second day the team are flying.

The voodoo performance team have battled it out overnight.. cycling and trekking in the darkness of the night through creeslough and up through one of Ireland’s most scenic forested parks, Ards Forest park.. it wasn’t until the teams arrived at CP20 that they were informed that they had an early morning ocean swim ahead of them.. this swim consisted of the team swimming out into the bay to get a combination code and returning to the beach were they had to unbury a chest which had the orienteering maps in it.. this task most certainly showed how adventurous this beast of a race is.. the team then cycled to TA04 where they are currently trekking 16km around Altan Lough.. this beast of a race is like no other, not only to the teams have to race the course ,they also have to plan the route they choose to take to get from checkpoint to checkpoint.. the team are feeling good and this race has certainly tested their endurance ability.. more updates coming soon as the team make their way around the course.