Next step on Mt McKinley …

On Thursday 5th June , Jason sent this message to family ” Up this morning feeling strong still focused and committed to pushing this body to the maximum. So with that ‘ theres no try its do or don’t ‘. Question what decision made , to push yet again. This is it shit or bust. Breakfast cup of oatmeal, pack for a single carry man a single carry load is heavy , its made up of 9 days food stove pot 1 gallon liquid fuel medical kit high altitude sleeping bag , expedition jacket , expedition pants , gloves and mits , hats , balaclava , glasses , goggles , torch , washkit , change of clothes , 2x socks , water bottles , 2x sleeping mats , plate/knife/fork , tent , metal spade , 2x ice axes , harness , helmet , 2x metal snow pickets , 60 mtrs climbing rope , ice crampons , snow shoes , satellite phone , and finally my pee bottle. Weathers good – cold but clear , challenge to climb up to 11.000ft. and camp. Hell and fire wouldn’t stop us! 8hrs later made it tired but pumped. Physically good and mentally strong the past now in the past. Noodles for dinner. Weather tomorrow for 12 inch snow , cold wind , southern moderate 30mph outlook more snow and very low temps -15/20 off to sleep positive day tomorrow. Love to all J x ”

On Friday Morning Jason messaged ” Snow bad again at moment. Pissed , hope to get going later. Broken record syndrome – can i ever win against mother nature. Heavy snow has stopped my progress today , way too dangerous to move in total white out with the zero visibility bringing with it again – mission impossible. I hate the fact this expedition is been controlled by a force beyond my control – so frustrating. But i will fight to the bitter end of my time available here. Arctic weather is so so tough & difficult relentless since i’ve arrived with roller coaster. Weather reports from fairbank national weather station. I only wish for a break one small glimmer of hope , like life i’ll reach for it with both hands. By now i’ve exchanged words with the man above. The experience thus far has proved so fruitful the learning in this extreme will only stand to me in lives ever ending educational merry go round. The views when visible high from here are breath taking. Mt McKinley resides highest surrounded by the high peaks of Mt Forker , Mt Hunter , Mt Francis & so much more in this vast glacier range. One glacier i travelled on my approach was 70kms long & actively moves 1mtr a day. One day early in my trip i came across a 4 person team of geoligists examining the global impact & was positive to hear arctic deprecession isn’t as active as Asian melt. Anyway signing out keep the faith and a huge thank you for great messages of support via this great satellite inreach device without be a lot different as theres no phone coverage & u can only talk to yourself for so long. Miss my beloved Donegal, Jason. ”

On Saturday at 6.43a.m. Jason messaged ‘ Elevation 14109ft. , just arrived – hard day 7 camped stay here for 2 days to acclimatize feeling really strong J. “