Jason black lost an education at school, catastrophically destroyed at the hands of a violent bully. Struggling with depression daily as a teenager, his salvation became nature. The great outdoor’s give Jason a platform to express himself and rebuild his confidence, develop new skills and find real purpose to his journey in this life. 

Very few have ever stood on the summit of Mt Everest and on the summit of the savage mountain K2 in Pakistan. Jason Black has join that very small global club, placing him as one of the world’s leading high altitude mountaineers and endurance athletes.
Being one of only 345 global mountaineers in history to ever survive K2 he was awarded Ireland’s National outdoor athlete of the year.
He was also awarded “Donegal person of the year” for his global humanitarian work in helping others less fortunate and his relentless commitment to young people’s positive mental health.

Like others Jason has had his fair share of lows and losses in his life, but his resilience to stand up each time he’s been knocked down, it’s truly remarkable. Jason spends a great deal of his time sharing his experiences, inspiring communities to believe in themselves, strengthening self-worth and finding real purpose in life.

This real life story, dealing with the spoils of life and the loss of influential family members is humbling. His jaw dropping account of how he climbed out of the gutter of life, is a true survival story. His account is so powerful, honest and inspirational that it will leave you speechless.

“A great life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Jason’s powerful human story is captivating, honest and hard hitting and so relatable to all our lives. How he fought to survive and now shares his emotionally filled experiences, rebuilding a shattered life, setting real goals, fulfilling his life time dreams and ambitions is truly remarkable. Prepared to be inspired and empowered”.

Ray D'Arcy
Tv & Radio Presenter

Jason Black Supporting Climate Action