Motivation to achieve full potential regardless of physical location


A keynote from Jason Black, whether in front of you , your business or an online event taking in your dispersed teams, is never just a presentation. 

The online webinar is a highly energised tailored experience motivating all participants to achieve their full potential regardless of physical location, it is uniquely educating and an inspiring experience. Jason Black’s talks are honed by thousands of hours of experience in front of thousands of people around the globe. 

His passionate exploration of leadership, performance and wellbeing topics ensures an unforgettable experience for the audience. 
While based around science backed and research driven matter, his keynotes are tailored to your organisation’s needs. 



Jason Black believes that the future of sustainable personal performance is as simple as investing in your own wellbeing. Sort yourself before you sort others. 

Our physical and digital wellbeing programmes are designed to improve health, boost energy levels and elevate the performance of individuals and teams.

We begin by evaluating the current wellbeing of the individuals in order to gain a thorough understanding of existing mindsets, practices and behaviours.

Jason Black helps build a scaffolding of support that facilitates lasting wellbeing change.

Our holistic programmes were developed on pitch-proven strategies, the most up-to-date research and over 15 years experience and expertise.



Effective communications
Leading through change
Diversity & Inclusion
Coaching Masterclass
Leading a high-performance team


Growth mindset
Resilience / Energy Management
Cultivating a winning culture
Fundamentals of building a high performance team


Fuelling personal performance management.
Building resilience through a team management belief system, strong mental health & wellbeing, to maximise your human potential.

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