See Fridays in the Black household was always known as takeaway Fridays and man we so loved either Pats pizza or Mr Chippie “best fish & chip” or of course Tin Tai “Georgie’s best Curry in the land”.
So when I’m thinking and taking about food then things must be on the mend and they are in this crazy turns table of feeling good bad & ugly. “Well I was always ugly so that narrows it to two”. Yes after an exhausting episode, events not even seen played out on Coronation street, lol.
All is very much improved today, yes it was AMS “acute mountain sickness” a real dangerous problem if not nailed & dealt with immediately, so the correct decision yesterday morning to descend ASAP was the difference in avoiding further major complication and as you can see they happen so quickly with no mercy.
As a great friend messaged me today saying “keep her lit, we were sicker times on bad beer or over indulged” never a truer word Adrian.
So yes good solid sleep and woke hungry as hell “hence takeaway Fridays” I ate & ate all day ,which is also helped by the drop in altitude.
Weather today was good sunny & bright, so finally got a shower “kettle over the head” since leaving Letterkenny and wait for it a partial cloths wash also so tonight I’m smelling & looking alot healthier ,by the colour of the water I must have stank ..Hahahah
So I came off all drugs antibiotics etc “except Diamox which helps with acclimation ” and intend flushing the body clean of all toxins over next few days.
My spo2 “blood oxygen levels yesterday arriving back down from ABC. To BC was 49/50 % so I was really struggling & tonight after a good rest & food & drop in Altitude I was improved to 80% and that will improve over the next few days here @ BC.
So the plan now is stay here until I’d say Tuesday head up towards ABC again slowly & taking two days at interim camp before moving finally to ABC . From there rest and allow a slow acclamation process to continue, once that’s achieved the we feel strong then I’m going to climb the north col face to 7000mts touch & return to ABC – rest and climb to north col & sleep there to acclimatise .. Get that far and then we will see whats next.

The positive thing is that I’m thinking this way . Tonight I am as positive and focused as ever and while yesterday was a dark day, I climbed out of that dark hole and I’m sure there will be a few more dark places I need to climb out of and ill deal with them as they come at me, been in darker places before & survived….
Today had a great chance to reflect on my personal sporting past and people on our own county that I so respect for what they offer young kids expecting nothing in return “so tomorrows blog is been offered up in my respect to these people “I had a deep think about this today drawing inspiration from it, so I hope you find it an interesting read.
Chicken & pasta for dinner “you’d think I think of nothing else but I’m back here to gain Strength and that involves a major food scoffing process”
Snowing very hard with high winds just now as I crawl into my tent.
So from a happier climber tonight talk Tomorrow.
Enjoy your takeaway Fridays “that’s what Friday were made for”, jesus a BIG4 from our 4 Lanterns be beautiful just now ..lol

Nite y’all

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  1. Elaine boyle

    Hey Jason.. Glad to hear your doing so well. All the staff here at home in voodoo are all routing for you.. Your doing us proud and we look up to you as a great mentor in life.! Do it for team voodoo!!!! Ps.. Well have a big 4 for ya tonight after work.. Talk soon and keep safe!!

  2. Cathal Mc Glynn

    Keep up the great work big guy your blog reminded me of when we did the health and fitness course together and myself yourself and Gilesy used to go to the TinTai and nearly eat the place out of everything. Plates and plates of quality packin. Get your strength back up and give it your best shot. Stay safe.

  3. Martin anderson

    Good man Jason , following you all the way , best of luck from ourselves at the studio & Anne-Marie , keeping an eye out everyday for the updates , plenty of stuff waiting for you here too on your return , take care man 🙂

  4. Severene

    Christ..i thought it was cold in Calgary but you’re just a few degrees colder lol. No on a serious note, what an amazing achivement already Jason, you are battling such a serious goal and despite the sickness and hardship, just imagine the satisfaction once you’v hit the peak. Keep the mind and body strong, fair play to u. Take care, Sev:-)

  5. Stephen Sweeney

    Ah man just read your blog it’s the middle of the night, I m starving with hunger and tin Ti doesn’t open to 5 tomorrow evening. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  6. Martin Hilferty

    Hi Jason keep the good work up no mountain to high as the song says best of luck I say one in mass four you on Sunday from Martin and all in orbit

  7. Liam Black

    Glad you’re feeling better Jason. Following the blog everyday. An amazing story. You’re giving a great and detailed insight to what’s involved in this journey – sometimes a bit too detailed (reference Fairy Liquid poo!). Sounds like you are in very good hands with Nima. Do as the wise man says! Be careful Jason and give it your best. LB.
    P.S. Loved the story about Michael!

  8. Marian Cullinane

    Glad to hear you are feeling better….now going to the 4 Lanterns….oops sorry…..

  9. Mary Larkin

    Yes Jason! My big challenge is computers! thought I’d been posting away but alas,nothing sent!!!Your blogs are fabulous and so informative-have just gone through a few with kids here and they totally mesmerised. What a rollercoaster for you but no better man to rise up and dust himself down and come back with a vengeance.That said, look after yourself!So look forward to reading the book when your mission is complete.God bless.Thinking and praying for you. All the Larkins.xx

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