Rip good mountain friend Namgil.

I’m Currently working on a Summit blog for you all in the mean time in reference to a previous blog I wrote, heres some more information on Namgil.

Namgil was a young 40 year old seasoned climber and has numerous MT Everest summits to his name and has climbed all the big routes and peaks in the Himalayas. Namgil was so in aww of mt Everest that last year 2011 from the napalise side he hand picked a team of Sherpa climbers with minimal funding and cleaned Mt Everest south side top to bottom removing old ropes and Debre left behind after years of expeditions.
He spoke about Mt Everest with passion & pertection hoping no day that she would become spoiled and remain the worlds greatest mountain to summit. Tonight united they both are forever, as his body will never be removed breaking tabu.
I fondly write this remembering this nice pleasant person so modest and full of information and inspiration for my climb helping me with weather and details of what lay ahead and how to prepare for them..and a smile as big as a house…
Rip good mountain friend

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  1. Dave Stewart

    Glad you are safe Jason. And thoughts with your friend and his family.

  2. Gerard O' Reilly

    Your friend would be and is proud of you Jason for summiting and also the respect that you have shown for Mt Everest. Safe home. God bless Gerard x

  3. Eugene duffy

    Well done Jason. Your determination to suceed is second to none.

  4. Cathalmcdaid

    True mountain man like that would never leave that mountain he seemed to live and breath it so fitting that he should rest there he will live on in your heart and mind and will also live on in your stories to be told when you get back some people we meet and forget and others we meet and never forget all these people help us be the people we are and look at life with different eyes ……….. RIP…….NAMGIL

  5. Stephen Shevlin

    Namgil RIP died where he was happy on the slopes of Everest and there he will remain
    I never knew him but will say a silent prayer for him. Well done to you Jason at having achieved your ultimate goal “top of the world” and I can see by your blogs the great respect you have for Mt Everest, Ian McKeever RIP said of all the mountains he climbed he never conquered any, just got to the summit.

    Safe home to the Hills of Donegal

  6. eileen

    hi cuz, im so sorry to hear about your good friend namgil. its very sad and i hope he rests in peace on the mountain. he will be looking down on you and feeling very proud of what you achieved. glad your down safe and sound and cant wait to see you on monday.. see you soon cuz

    love eileen xo

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