Jason Black’s passion for the great outdoors was heavily influenced through cubs and scouts as a young boy and today he is one of world’s leading mountaineers, endurance athletes & an outstanding motivator presenting his remarkable life story to university students, schools, clubs and business leaders globally around the world. He empowers and inspires through his teachings to allow you to explore and find real purpose to your limitless true potential. 

like others Jason has had his fair share of lows & losses in his life. But his resilience to continue and stand up each time he’s been knocked down, truly shows his real strength. A deep rooted inner belief & success in life is passionately shared as he travels the globe encouraging young and old, “Not to be afraid of setting new goals, showing the path way to overcome the obstacles, visualising the prize and delivering your dreams and ambitions”. He echoes, having a dream in life and finding a way to achieving it (at times against all the odds) is the greatest summit success you will ever achieve. Don’t let dream stealers pull you down or stand in the way of living your life your way to its complete fullness….Believe in yourself & find a way.  Breaking past self-limiting barriers Jason’s thought provoking presentation is honest and direct encouraging you to leave a legacy. How to identify what you want to achieve. Effective goal-setting and planning. How to identify opportunity. Handling risk. Dealing with criticism and silencing dream stealers. Finding the right attitude that serves you. The importance of effective communication. Finding the good in conflict. The dangers of complacency. How to make failure work for you. Good team development expanding on what is possible. Inspired leadership. new horizons, broadening your mindset, unlocking and finding your true purpose in life…… WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT.

Recent Achievements 

Global ambassador for the Irish red-cross 2018/19

National Outsider athlete of the year 2018

National Outdoors film festival winner 2018

Donegal person of the year 2018/19

Donegal sports star award winner 2013 / 2018

K2 summiteer and survivor 2018 (First republic of Ireland mountaineer in history)

Mt Everest summiteer 2013 (First donegal person in history) 

World record holder on Killimanjaro 2014

World record holder on Aconcagua 2015

Winner of Ultra cycling race around Ireland 2017

Race across America qualified. 2019

Northcape 4000km – 6th place 2019

Transatlanicway 2500km – 3rd place 2019

Race 1100km across Laos – Winner 2019

Race 1200km across Oman -2nd place 2019

Eco challenge Fiji – The world’s toughest adventure race 2019.

Contact Jason Today

Email: jason@jasonblack.ie

Tel: +353 87 9814461