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“A great life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Jason’s powerful human story is captivating, honest and hard hitting and so relatable to all our lives. How he fought to survive and now shares his emotionally filled experiences, rebuilding a shattered life, setting real goals, fulfilling his life time dreams and ambitions is truly remarkable. Prepared to be inspired and empowered”.

Ray D'Arcy
Tv & Radio Presenter

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brain training - performance testing - Keynote experience

Jason Black is an internationally renowned global endurance athlete and successful high altitude mountaineer. He shares his mental strength and Mind skills training techniques, which has led business leaders and high performance sports teams and athletes to incredible success.

Jason Black performance testing centre of sport excellence provides the gold standard and most reliable method of cardio-metabolic testing, measuring a person’s baseline for caloric consumption, fatigue buildup and recovery. 

           What’s been a game changer in his protocol is that using the world’s first portable, affordable and highly accurate metabolic analyser the athletes can have a bespoke remote test with effective and cardio-metabolic analysis implemented at the boxing gym, track, road, mountain, water or field sports practice ground.

Jason Black’s keynote experience is passionate and honest. A truly remarkable real life story, dealing with the spoils and effects of a violent bully and the loss of influential family members. His jaw dropping account of how he climbed out of the gutter of life to be a world leading mountaineer and global endurance athlete. Jason Black’s survival story is powerful and inspirational that will leave you speechless.

Keynote experience

Jason Black speaks out about his hidden scars at the hands of a very violent bully. His honesty and openness encourages others affected to speak up and speak out. He tells his story how he climbed to the summit of Mt Everest and survive the toughest mountain of all, the mighty K2. Jason shares his motivation and a snapshot into his world that drives him to the top of the world, Race across America and row 5000km across the Atlantic ocean solo. 

Brain training for Business & SPORT

Jason Black has 14 years vast experience as a company owner, self-starting to be an Irish brand leader. He shares how to successfully set goals and how to move beyond failure and learn from it. The  importance of rules of effective leadership and self-leadership and how to tap into your passion and succeed. The importance of change and how to move beyond your comfort zone while maintaining self-belief in the face of risk and challenge.

Webinar keynote

The online Webinar training – Developing skills to Start and Stay committed, overcome life’s obstacles. Learn to stand up each time you fall and recognise your true purpose. Transform your professional and personal life.  How to identify what you want and how to be effective. How to make failure work for you. Individually or as a team explore what is possible. How to be a self-leader, set new horizons while unlocking your true potential.

Performance testing

Personalised fitness test programming protocol based on individualised metabolic data. The gold standard in nutrition and physical development, zero guesswork applying nothing but sport science.
Accommodates – Boxing , Crossfit, Rowing ,Cycling, Running, Football , Hockey, GAA , Rugby. 


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