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“A great life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Jason’s powerful human story is captivating, honest and hard hitting and so relatable to all our lives. How he fought to survive and now shares his emotionally filled experiences, rebuilding a shattered life, setting real goals, fulfilling his life time dreams and ambitions is truly remarkable. Prepared to be inspired and empowered”.

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Jason Black  “Be the Inspiration”

Born in Ireland on April 11th 1971 growing up in Co. Donegal as a young boy, Jason Black’s love for the great outdoors was heavily influenced through cubs and scouts. Mother Nature providing the mountains, waterways & unspoiled coastline, Ireland was to be his perfect adventure playground. Jason’s light hearted fun filled nature makes expedition life an adventure to enjoy. But his unfaltering determination as a very keen athlete from a very early age, has always played centre stage in his daily life allowing no obstacle stand between him and success in life.

Jason black lost an education at school catastrophically destroyed at the hands of a violent bully. Struggling with depression his salvation became nature, giving him a platform rebuild his self- belief, discipline and a competitive attitude to be the best he could ever be. Over twenty years was spent in the Judo association of Ireland competing for Ireland on international duties. Alongside this a further twenty years was clocked up as a member of cycling Ireland, racing competitively in regional and Irish national road races including three nine day FBD International Milk Ras.

Jason Black’s passion to either climb high or go long in global endurance sports, testing his physical and mental capabilities is as strong today as ever placing him as one of the world’s leading high altitude mountaineers & endurance adventurers.  His self-belief and commitment as a person has seen him making Irish history, being the first and only Donegal person to stand on the summit of Mt Everest the highest place on the planet at 29,029ft on 19th may 2013, climbing the challenging North-face route via Tibet.

On 22nd of July 2018 at 6am Jason Black went one better and topped off his Endurance career by being the first republic of Ireland person to successfully summit and survive K2 the second highest mountain and revered as the toughest mountain in the world. Jason Black has joined the very small yet illustrious group of 345 global mountaineers in history to ever summit K2. He was awarded Ireland’s National outdoor athlete of the year Donegal Sport Star Award awards for this momentous achievement.

Jason Black, like others has had his fair share of lows & losses in his life. But his resilience to continue and stand up each time he’s been knocked down truly has been truely remarkable.

Jason’s passionately shares “The battle with life”with the youth of the world in communities as he travels the globe on adventure. Empowering young women & men “Not to be afraid of setting new goals, finding a way to overcome the obstacles, visualising and delivering on your dreams and ambitions”. Walking in your own shoes, creating your own box at a time when the world has a box created for you will be your greatest success, because it’s only then you’ll really find true purpose.

With other people’s wellbeing and welfare to the fore of jason’s purpose, has spent a great deal of his time talking to the Youth of today and inspiring them to believe in themselves. This passion has seen him talk to in excess of 1000’s of schools, and youth organisations globally. Promoting positive mental health and self-worth are so fundamentally important to Jason. Empowering our youth to dream, trust, commit, train, plan believe and inspire to be unstoppable is his game changing attitude…

Jason Black receives national & international radio, Tv and online media as a Donegal ambassador on a global sporting stage. Recently Jason shared his human story to the nation on the Ray D’Arcy show, he felt empowered to talk about his past and the “shone in his shoe”, how he held things together during difficult periods in his life and ultimately how he used a troubled past to survive. He has been inundated since with well wishes and support from people from all walks of life who have taken solace and nuggets of gold from his story.

Jason Black is the Global Ambassador for the Irish Red Cross. Having a privilege to see first hand the incredible humanitarian work done on the ground in the wake natural disasters or war the crippling effects of displacement and poverty left behind has awoken a deeper human consciousness. Jason had the pleasure to present to life’s game changers at the Irish Humanitarian Awards in Dublin presenting Alice Leahy with the Irish Red Cross Humanitarian Award for her role in supporting the homeless and socially for over 40 years. And the following year he presented to Pat Hume for her compassion and commitment to delivering peace in Northern Ireland during the Irish struggles.

During the Covid Pandemic Jason was involved with the world largest pharmaceutical  company battling against the global disease. Bring all his experience controlling pressure, exposure and the isolation of having to push through to success, using his “Tough Programme” in support of the clinical research team based in Canada, as they worked day and night under immense pressure in a bid to develop a global covid cure.  His humanitarian work continues.

Jason Black’s experience is passionate and honest. His attitude empowers business and business leader’s, Government policies makers, Sports teams and organisations.
This real life story, dealing with the spoils and effects of  life the loss of influential family members is remarkable. His jaw dropping account of how he climbed out of the gutter of life is a true survival story, it’s so powerful and inspirational that it will leave you speechless.

And his journey has only just begun.

Keynote experience

Jason Black speaks out about his hidden scars at the hands of a very violent bully. His honesty and openness encourages others affected to speak up and speak out. He tells his story how he climbed to the summit of Mt Everest and survive the toughest mountain of all, the mighty K2. Jason shares his motivation and a snapshot into what drives him to the top of the world, Race across America and row 5000km across the Atlantic ocean solo. 

Mind skills training for Business, life and sport

Jason Black has 17 years vast experience as a company owner, self-starting to be an Irish brand leader. He shares how to successfully set goals and how to move beyond failure and learn from it. The  importance of rules of effective leadership and self-leadership and how to tap into your passion and succeed. The importance of change and how to move beyond your comfort zone while maintaining self-belief in the face of risk and challenge.

Webinar keynote

Global online Webinar training – Leading through change developing skills to Re-Start and Stay committed, what it really takes to stand up each time you fall and recognise its limitless there is no start line or finish line. How to identify what you want and how to be effective. How to make failure work for you. Individually or as a team explore what is possible. How to be that self-starter, set new horizons except no limits and encourage to unlock all of you.


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